Blackfire Portable Power Station PAC500


Blackfire Portable Power Station PAC500 546Wh Lithium Battery Pack, X2 120V/300W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Capable Battery for Camping, Tailgating, Emergency, and Cpap Backup


  • Silent Lithium-Ion (18650 LG cells) powered 546Wh, 24.8Ah (22V) battery capacity.
  • Clean alternative to gasoline powered generators
  • Pure Sine Wave 120V AC output, save for electronics
  • Charges phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, cordless tool batteries using USB or AC outlets
  • Flexible output options with 4 USB ports (including 2 USB-C), 2 120V 300W AC outlets

Portable Power Station Questions

Q: What can the Blackfire PAC500 Power?

A: Operational time = 546 x .85 / Operating wattage of your device. Devices cannot exceed 300W (PAC500 Standard Continuous Operation Rating)

10W LED LIght Example: 546 x .85 / 10 = 43.68 Hours (Roughly)

Q: Does 300W apply for each individual AC outlet or both combined?

A: The 300W rating applies for both outlets combined. When factoring the operational time above, use the total wattage amount for all devices.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the portable power station?

A: AC Wall Outlet: 8hrs | Car Charging (Limited to 3A at 12V & Adapter not included) 18hrs | Solar Charging (80W Panel w/ 8mm port & Perfect Sun): 7hrs 3mins

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Type: Battery

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