$ 75.00 / Night
  • Trailers • Kansas City, Kansas
    Sleeps 2 • Seats  • 13 ft
Lightweight like a teardrop Roomy like a pop-up Electricity & propane for off the grid Fridge and AC while on the grid “Astrid Hofferson” is her full name (If you have kids and have watched "How to Train Your Dragon", you get it). Astrid is a friendly, yet strong and adventurous Viking in the movie and so is this lovely trailer. Astrid is ultra light at less than 1100 lbs. She is a wonderful little "Popdrop" (or is is "TearPop"?) trailer with the weight and aerodynamics of of a teardrop and spaciousness of a pop up camper. We tow her with our 4-cylinder Honda Element with no problems, so if your car has a tow hitch, the odds are high that it will work for you as well. She also comes with a weight stabilizer if you would like that for the trip. Astrid has a full sized bed to comfortably sleep 2 people (Or three if you want to get cozy or have a small child). She also comes equipped with a battery and shore power hookups so you can go to camping sites or boondock. We have an optional solar panel to slowly charge the battery if you want to go fully off grid. Astrid also has a fridge, and 5000 btu air conditioner (both need shore power to work), an optional butane grill for cooking outside on the side of the trailer, and a 20,000 btu butane furnace to keep you toasty at night. She also boasts bluetooth stereo with speakers so you can watch movies or listen to books/podcasts in stereo sound off the grid. There is plenty of room for storage in so your car could be completely empty or close to it for the trip. Astrid is a ton of fun in a tiny package ready for 4-season camping and takes just a few minutes to set up and break down.
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Additional Information
Features include:
Heavy Duty Jack w/ wheel
Electric Brakes
Scissor Style Jacks with pads (4)
LED Exterior Lights
(optional) Exterior wall mount LP Grill
120 volt GFI receptacle
Interior lights
Cabinets and countertops
1.6 cu. ft. electric fridge (requires shore power)
interior outlets
20,000 BTU LP Furnace
5,000 BTU AC (requires shore power)
am/fm bluetooth radio with speakers
screen room (with privacy flaps in the pop-up portion)
(optional) solar panel
Rentals Overview
13 ft
Towable features
Brake controller
Kansas City
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