Gladiator 4 Door

$ 325.00 / Day
  • Rigs • Moab, Utah
    Sleeps  • Seats 5
We are super excited to introduce the new Jeep Gladiator into our rental fleet. This is perfect vehicle for supporting your next outdoor adventure in Moab. We have introduced the Gladiator as a support vehicle for 1 day to extended day mountain bike adventures in Moab, Overland camping trips, and just a great support vehicle for all your backcountry needs. Daily Rental Rate: $325 per day Special Introductory Rate: Important information about renting the Gladiator – The Gladiator is a very capable vehicle. If you are looking for a vehicle to do trails that have steep approach angles on many of the obstacles, this is not the vehicle to choose and you will scrape it up and do damage to it. This vehicle is in our fleet to support trips such as White Rim Mountain Bike Trips, Burr Trail Overland Trips for example. Trails such as 7 mile Rim, and Fins and Things this is not the ideal vehicle, yes it will do it but you will more then likely hit and scrape the rear bumpers and skid plates underneath and one of our Jeep Rubicons would be the better choice for this type of expedition. Plus if you do damage the vehicle you are still responsible for the damage no matter where it happens.
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Additional Information
PROHIBITED AREAS AND TRAILS: The following areas and trails are prohibited due to the nature and difficulty of the trail. Inexperienced drivers can cause harm to themselves and the Jeep while on these trails. Moab Rim, Golden Spike, Behind the Rocks, Pritchett Canyon, Poison Spider, Hell’s Revenge, Metal Masher, Steel Bender, Gold Bar Rim, Cliffhanger, Kane Creek Canyon, Top of the World, Strike Ravine, Porcupine Rim, Rose Garden, Potato Salad Hill, Area BFE, Rusty Nail or any other extreme off road trails.
Renters that are on a prohibited trails will be charged $1000 if Rental is on a prohibited trail
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