MightyVans.com 'Lion' Adventurevan

$ 99.00 / Day
  • CamperVans • Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sleeps 4 • Seats
Hi, my name is Matt, owner of Mighty Vans and you should rent the Lion - my custom built campervan!

Let me tell you, there are few things in life better than adventuring all day, and then pulling into a beautiful remote campsite in the desert or mountains with a gorgeous view, cracking open a couple cold beers/sodas/seltzers, making a delicious dinner with fresh ingredients and eating in front of an incredible sunset view, before turning in for the night on a pillowsoft mattress and getting an amazing night's sleep.  This can be you when you rent my custom adventuremobile campervan!

The Lion is light and spacious and is perfectly set up for two, three, or four travelers.  It has a comfy memory foam queen bed for two, and two single pull-out/fold up mattresses.  If you're just a couple wanting to reserve the Lion - it is super comfortable for two, or if you have three or four people, the Lion can accommodate them no problem.  It has a full kitchen, plenty of seating, easy to drive, and 6'3" interior headroom, so even tall guys can stand comfortably.

I built out the interior myself, so it's full of charm and character, and is well built and durable, not like those sterile assembly-line RVs full of plastic, formica, and particle board.
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Here are some of the features:

- Spacious interior:  The Lion is over a foot wider than most campervans, so it doesn't feel cramped at all.  It's wide aisle makes it easy for people to move around and not feel like they are constantly in each other's way like many narrower vans.

- Four seatbelts - two up front and two in the rear.  Plus there's a television with DVD player for those in the rear to watch while on the road.

- Ideal size: It's big enough to be super-comfortable, but not so big that it's awkward or hard to drive, and it gets decent miles per gallon so you can see more without paying an arm and a leg for gas.  

- Standing-height: 6'3" inch headroom - very comfortable for a camper van - no ducking or banging your head.

- Light and open: the big windows and the fact that I didn't build in anything taller than counter-height means that the van feels big, spacious, and full of light.  It's not a dingy cave like a lot of vans people have.

- Super comfy memory foam mattress:  I just bought a new queen (not a full - an actual queen) dual-density memory foam mattress, and I kinda wish I had put it on my bed in my house instead of in the van it's so comfy.  You'll get fantastic sleep in this bed for sure.  Clean luxury sheets, blanket, and two pillows included for free!

- Great kitchen: nice two-burner propane stove, sink that's big enough to actually use, big cutting board, and nice sized solar-powered fridge.  Full set of pots/pans, plus plates, bowls, cups, knives, and silverware, all included for free.  33-gallon stainless steel water storage for drinking/washing.  If you like eating good food even when you're out camping, you're going to love having a full kitchen.

- Comfortable seating, and fold up table that can be used inside or out, plus fold-up camp chairs.  Enjoy your breakfast sitting outside in the sun, but know that you have a sanctuary to retreat too if the weather outside is less than perfect.
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