2010 Toyota 4Runner

$ 14,000.00
  • Clean • 289,000 Miles | 2 years ago
UPDATE! price reduced AGAIN.
$14k OBO. ALSO got care DETAILED
I am selling our Toyota 4Runner. We are selling because we are going out of state, and we are going to be purchasing a new car. 
I purchased the car from the mechanic that used to service this car for the previous owner. the previous owner used to drive back and forth from Salt Lake to Moab, and only did dirt roads, no real off roading, so most of the 289k miles are high way miles. I offered to buy it off the mechanic prior to him even getting the title. this car has ALWAYS had its routine services and I have all the records to prove it. 
Because it is the trail, this car has all the off road bells and whistles, including crawl control, mud, snow and rock terrain, etc
The car needs to be gone by April 12th so pricing is $14,500 OBO. 
There are 2 issues with the car, that were there when I purchased it, and hasn't caused any issues.
1. the back bumper is missing a chunk. this happened from the previous owner, when she slid on ice and hit a light poll. there is no damage other than can be seen in the picture. 
2. the horn needs to be fixed.
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