2001 Chevrolet Suburban

$ 5,900.00
  • San Diego, California • 1 year ago
2001 Chevrolet Suburban LS: 5.3L V8,  205k miles, registered in California, $5900 obo

!!! Lower Price!!! Our buyer just cancelled on us. We have to leave the US in 10 Days and have to sell by then. We don't want to disassemble our cool build and sell the car to a dealership :(

We are Stephie and Flo from Germany.
Our little adventure is sadly coming to an end and we have to sell our 2001 Chevrolet Suburban. We fly from Los Angeles on September 19 and have to sell the car by then. My wife and I bought the car in March 2022 in Los Angeles and built it out ourselves. We built a super sturdy bed platform that’s about as big as a queen size bed. There’s also a nice drawer that holds our camping stove and a little platform that holds the fridge, so you can store stuff underneath it.  It’s obviously all a little bit “rustic”, but it’s been working great for us during these last months.
The build comes with a solar panel, a power station, a nice fridge and a lot more useful (and maybe some useless) stuff.

The car itself has been great to us. We have an average of 17.8 mpg, which is pretty good for a 2001 suburban. We also only had one major repair that was necessary: We had the tie rods and all the brake pads and rotors replaced and since then, there has been no issue, not even a flat. Obviously, it is a 21 year old car so it has its quirks. There are some minor, optional things that you might want to have fixed and we would be happy to talk to you about those. If necessary, we will let a mechanic take care of that so that you can start your journey without any issues.  But as we’ve heard many times during the last months: “you can’t kill a chevy” ;)

If you’re interested, have a look at the pictures and feel free to ask any questions.

All the details:
- great AC
- A/T Tires
- full size spare tire
- 2nd and 3rd row seating (the bed was built on top of the benches)
- bed-construction with mattress topper and bedding (about queen size, we put our backpacking air mattresses under the topper which is really comfortable)
- Camping Fridge: Aspenora 37-Quart Compressor Fridge 
- 100 Watts solar panel 
- Paxcess Power Station: 519 Wh, MPPT, 110V Pure Sine AC Outlet, USB, … (enough power to run the fridge and to charge two laptops, smartphones and all those other electronic devices you need)
- water container, 7 gallons (We also reuse some single gallon bottles from Walmart for additional fresh water)
- 2 burner coleman camping stove
- propane tank (20 lbs) with adapter hose: No expensive coleman cylinders necessary
- 3 large boxes in the back (used to store cooking utensils and clothes)
- 4 storage boxes in the front
- air compressor and tire repair kit (we didn’t have a flat, but we felt like it’s good to be prepared)
- Camping table and chairs 
- mosquito nets and insulating window covers
- cooking utensils, cutlery, battery powered screwdriver, foldable spade, bear spray and a lot more
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San Diego
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