Sad to let it go but just moving on to something else. 2006 Tacoma 4 door, long (6ft) bed, 4×4. 3M OD Green Vinyl Wrap
The Good:
-New suspension all the way around, (0 mile struts and leaf springs of 2020 Tacoma)
-New upper control arms and ball joints
-New lower ball joints
-New outer tie rods
-3 inch lift, front blocks and rear add a leaf
-Fresh Alignment
-3M OD Green vinyl Wrap (2 years old)
-Great interior with no rips or tears
-Strong V6 with fresh oils change
-Decent tire life left
-6in Aftermarket Pioneer radio
The Bad:
-Driver side headlight has some moisture in it
-Wrap has some light scratches and wear
-Tires have slight uneven wear from before alignment
-Periodic check engine light, P0420 (Catalitic Converter bank 1) Intermittent, goes on and off every few hundred miles.
I have owned this truck for 3 years, it has been amazing! The original color is silver, and the paint under the wrap is very clean and shiny!(see last picture) I bought it from the body shop that rebuilt it. It was salvaged for front end damage, I saw the before pictures and it was pretty light (no engine damage). The shop did an amazing repair, and I have never had any issues from the rebuild. Other than the title you would never know it was rebuilt. The truck has been so good! Does amazing in the snow, and climbs any trail like a beast, but will do a smooth 80 down the freeway for hours. The wrap shows some wear from some branches and rocks on trails, but overall looks amazing and I get compliments on the color everyday! The wrap has an estimated life of 3-6 years, depending on if you garage it and how well you take care of it. I had it wrapped 2 years ago, so it will last another 1-4 years easy. And when you are tired of it, it peels off like a big sticker and the paint underneath will look good as new! About a year ago the check engine light started coming on, PO420. The shop said it is a Cat code, but it goes on for a few hundred miles then turns off for a few hundred miles. Haven’t bothered looking into it more because it isn’t really an issue. The suspension was just tired so that is why I went through and replaced everything last month.
I don’t need to sell it, just looking to move on to something else. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to come check it out! I am a very honest guy and will tell you the truth about anything you wanna know! It is a used truck obviously, and will have its issues, but Tacomas last forever. This thing is the perfect truck for someone looking for a great looking truck, but they also don’t have to feel bad taking it on any crazy trail and getting a scratch every now and then.
I work a lot, so text is best, and I will get back to you. If you call leave a message.

Contact: Josh