Needs battery (so will have to tow, can’t start but did start and run before battery was removed), catalytic converter/O2 sensor code light was on and it did get to where it felt like the engine might not be getting enough air so that will need to be addressed, there was a knock in the engine but that was most likely due to the exhaust issues, a/c does not work, shocks need updating, does not come with stereo deck, and lastly two of the tires are bald on about half of them from a bad alignment that has since been fixed.Now for the positives: a lot of the parts have been replaced (with at least OEM if not premium parts) in the past couple years including: water pump, starter, alternator, front control arms, spark plugs, spark plugs wires, tie rod ends, idler pulley, belts and I’m sure there are many more I’m not remembering right now.It’s been a great vehicle and with some more TLC will keep running for a while or can be used for parts to make your xterra even better.

Contact: CJ