I’m selling my ‘98 4Runner because we need something more family oriented. This car has been great to me and I am sad to be letting it go. Here’s everything you need to know.The quick version: An amazing vehicle with low miles for the year. Minor aesthetic problems but she runs great. Has new tires.The long version: car is a 98 but it only has 153000 miles on it. It’s had three owners. The first one was an elderly gentleman who hardly drove it, that’s why there’s so few miles. It has been taken good care of, regular oil changes and all other maintenance. The interior is in great condition for its age. I’ve got seat covers on the front two seats so that they stayed in good condition. There’s a steering wheel cover because the steering wheel has sun damage, the sun damage isn’t noticeable with the cover on. There is a scratch on the hood as well as sun fading on the hood (included in the photos). There are two dents on the back bumper (included in the photos). The tires are new and still have great tread. She is 2 wheel drive, but with good tires on I’ve never had a problem getting anywhere I want to go and she handles well in mud, snow, and off-road. Also the red tinge to all of the photos is because I was parked under a red canopy when I took them.If you have any other questions shoot me a text or give me a call at 14353597265

Contact: Berkeley