1996 Toyota 4Runner
3.4L V6
5 Speed Manual
J-Shift Transfer case
Power steering system has been rebuilt and installed and is fully functioning. Fresh alignment as of 04/08
The CEL from the Vaccum leak has been fixed and stayed off (over 500mi of driving)
$5,500 price doesn’t include roof rack and awnings.
Will consider trades for Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Exterior 6.5/10
Interior 8.5/10
Maintenance 8/10
This truck is an absolute monster and despite not having a rear locker has kept up well with a fully built GX470 and FJ80. The paint is shit (as are most vehicles pre ’00) and it’s certainly not perfect. The interior is very well kept minus 1 tear that hasn’t gotten larger since I’ve owned it (~2 years) There are more things I wanted to do with it and clean up. That being said with a fresh alignment I wouldn’t hesitate to have to drive this truck to Alaska and back if need be.
The previous owner had the top end of the motor rebuilt some 20-30k before I had purchased it as well. I don’t have the documentation but knowing his as a good friend of mine I take his word as good.
As far as suspension goes minus Uniball UCA’s the travel is maxed out for what the links can handle. To get more travel/articulation would require full front long travel/Solid axle swap and then custom long travel work in the rear.
I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting but I’ll add those in as remeber everything I’ve done and replaced.
•Tundra Big Brake Upgrade 13WL
•New LCA Bushings
•Newer clutch slave SS braided hose lines
•New clutch fork
•Front suspension: Bilstein 6112
•Rear shocks: Icon 2.0/Bilstein BIL-33-187174
•Rear springs: FJ80 8 (?) wrap 1.5″ spacer
•Durobump rear bumpstops
•EimKeith Panhard Correction Kit
•Front sway bar removed
•Rear sway bar disconnected
•Rebuilt Power Steering rack
•New front wheel bearings & hubs
•Rear axle seals
•Rear brake rebuild
•New Wheel break Cylinders
•Extended rear brake line
•Fresh front & rear diff oil & gaskets
•Led taillights
•New fuel filter
•New Air Filter
•Late model Airbox & MAF
•New fuel injectors
•New ignition coils
•New spark plugs
•New spark plug wires
•CS144 140 amp alternator upgrade
•New upper ball joints
•Extended length rear sway links
•New windshield wipers
•New fluids oil/coolant/brake/clutch
•New heater control valve
•Serviced AC system
•Cup holder
•Bluetooth stereo
•Rhino Rack roof rack (mounted)
•Arb 2500 Awning (mounted)
•Arb 1250 Awning (not mounted)
•2x LED Pods (mounted)
•30″ Light Bar (not mounted)
•1.5″ Wheel Spacers (mounted)
•Hi-lift jack (not mounted)
Needs attention/replacing
•Power steering pump
•Windshield sprayers
•Front alignment
•Tires are driveable but worn
•Underbody rust prevention
•Vaccum leak causing CEL
•Lower Ball Joints
•Upper control arms /bushings
•Front drivers fender
•Matching rear shocks
•Deep clean
•ABS light
•Weak parking brake
Will come with some extra rear brake stuff, rear taillights, extra light bar & harness and some other misc. parts and such.
The longer it’s for sale the more of these things I will get done and as such the price will go up.
Price is negotiable (will remove accessories for discount)

Contact: Jase